All Hallows Eve: A Spooktacular Mixer and Auction to Benefit Centerforce

ClickBid’ how to do silent auction Fundraising Platform is the premier software for charities, specializing in ticket sales, event promotions, and auctions. With ClickBid, you can easily generate item display cards with the information already uploaded and ready to print. Including QR codes for each item might be helpful for your bidders as well. No matter what platforms you choose, include a direct link to your event page across all marketing collateral. That way, users will know exactly how to participate once they feel inspired by your messages. This checklist has the tools and insight you need to turn one-time donors into longtime donors.
Then, expand your outreach to develop new partnerships with other businesses whose mission aligns with your own. Another major advantage of online auction software is that you can better adhere to silent auction best practices. Using an online platform will make it easier to avoid regrettable circumstances such as an illegible bidding card. These sites provide transparency and user-friendliness to help your silent auction run smoothly.
If there are gift certificates in the package that have a specific value and that value is “relevant” to what it’s going to cost them to redeem it, then you need to share that value. However, if the value is irrelevant, then you shouldn’t share it. Clearly, the “types” of items you offer matters, and so does the value of those items. In a Robin Report article titled “FOMO & The Retail Experience” author Judith Russell said that consumers are addicted to sales the way addicts are addicted to heroin. Your thought process in buying these two items is totally different. When we think of an “auction”, we tend to imagine a fast-talking cattle or auto auctioneer uttering a chant that sounds like an alien language, with ringmen barking “YEP!
While supporters can purchase multiple tickets to increase their chances of being selected, the winning ticket is chosen at random. Whoever is picked gets the raffle item, while the nonprofit organization keeps the profits from ticket sales. The pacing of a silent auction is more important than you think. Keeping a silent auction open for a short time can reduce momentum and the urgency to bid.
In order to keep the planning process on track, it’s important to set clear goals and timelines for each stage of the process. By participating in the auction, bidders agree to abide by these rules and the decisions of the auction organizers. The auction organizers reserve the right to modify these rules at any time.
Silent auctions are fun and effective fundraisers where you can bid on various items or services and take them home if you’re the highest bidder. Unlike a traditional auction, a silent auction doesn’t have an auctioneer. Instead, bids are made online or written on a sheet of paper placed next to the item on display.
A look at three ways for groups to get the most value and engagement from silent auctions. If you know of or can afford a good auctioneer, and would like the auction to be the focal point of an in-person event, it’s worth going this route. This provides the attendees with advance notice and the opportunity to make arrangements for potential purchase. This notice allows the bidder the time and opportunity to plan ahead to have sufficient cash ready for desired items.
Just because you can get an item donated for your auction doesn’t mean you should feature it. You appreciate people being willing to help, and you’re worried if you’ll have enough items. Featuring unappealing items, whether it’s cheap items or things that don’t fit your crowd, make sure that you consider whether your guests will be interested in something before you take it. Spa packages perform well as a silent auction item because it’s flexible. A spa day-themed item can easily stand on its own or be packaged into a larger collection of luxury items as needed.
While not every auction has to be a themed one, choosing and sticking with a particular theme is a great way to boost excitement and pull off a seamless event. Depending on when your auction will fall in the calendar year, you may consider planning an event around a major holiday such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even Valentine’s Day. Another creative idea would be crafting your event theme to align with your organization’s mission. For example, if your nonprofit supports wildlife conservation, you could decorate the venue like a rainforest with related items available for bidding. For example, if you’re fundraising for an elementary school, you would likely see huge success with a live auction and a notable auctioneer—like a favorite teacher or principal. On the other hand, if your donor base is more upscale, you might opt for a silent auction alongside a regal gala or dinner.
Once the donor completes the process, the item will appear as inactive within the Campaign Management System for you to review and accept / decline. At this stage you are also able to make any relevant edits before the item is launched into your auction. Once you get participants there, you’ll need to make sure your silent auction is laid out in a way that gets people moving, bidding and engaging with the auction. You want to make sure people are actually bidding on items and not just milling around eating appetizers.