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Many doorbell cams let you see and talk with front-stoop friends and visitors from virtually anywhere. Homeowners and neighbors have even used them to identify car thieves. With car theft on the rise, these cameras are a welcome tool for many.
Since its launch, Ooma has added both battery backup ($34.99) and cellular backup, so your system will continue to function if the power and Internet go down. The Ooma Telo 4G — which provides cellular backup — costs $129, plus $11.99/month. Allied Home Security also provides alarms & surveillance to both small and commercial businesses.
Plus, the plans include cellular backup, which kept us connected to the monitoring center even during a neighborhood blackout. All in all, the ADT equipment we had installed was valued at around $850, but impressively, we didn’t have to pay anything upfront. Instead, charges for the equipment came with our monthly monitoring bills.
We like that Blue by ADT has a self-monitoring mode with app alerts, and that you can opt for professional monitoring for $20 per month. However, the system just doesn’t compare with any of our picks in performance or looks. It doesn’t currently support glass-break sensors, and fire protection is available only if you have an existing detector and the $200 Blue by ADT Indoor Camera (which we don’t recommend).
Security Services work with businesses to come up with custom solutions that fit their needs and budget. With automated security in today’s world, your business can have a huge advantage. Not only does our security systems keep your business safe, but now cameras track patterns and individuals with our next-get A.I. With tracking, you can see what your peak hours are and when you need to make adjustments in employees or even energy use. We will show you how to get the best efficiency out of your business. We take pride in carrying the best home security cameras in Texas.