Fake College Degrees How To Know If It is Real?

For example, the institution issuing the degree must be officially accredited in the relevant country and the period of study and number of units in the course must be no less than for traditional methods of study. To clarify the situation, GCC states have developed systems for evaluating degrees from other countries and issue “equivalency certificates” for those they recognise as genuine and of a suitable standard. In the UAE, students intending to study at universities abroad are urged to check with the education ministry before starting a course, “lest their efforts be wasted”. Degree fraud usually occurs in one of two ways – with a forged certificate from a real university or a worthless one from a fake university.
Our novelty transcripts are available in High School, College, and University formats and contain classes appropriate to the degree or course specified. The colleges in question often use names similar to those of accredited schools and offer degrees largely on a person’s “life experience.” Some simply sell degrees for a flat fee. The language on the certificates should also be inspected thoroughly. The use of Latin terminology on a degree certificate is a warning sign. Expressions such as ‘cum laude’ are popular with US universities, whereas UK higher education institutions use ‘with honours’.UK providers have not issued degree certificates in Latin for at least 10 years. There are all sorts of practical jokes a person could play with a fake diploma —not to mention straight-up teasing.
Diploma mills have every reason to hide and mask their location, because they sell fraudulent degrees. The students paid a total of $114 million for the fake degrees between 2016 and 2021, the newspaper reported. About 2,400 of the 7,600 students eventually passed their licensing exams — mainly in New York, federal officials said. Nurses certified in New York are allowed to practice in Florida and many other states.
They will take a deeper dive into your company’s needs to make an employment screening package that best serves you. You will receive updates in real-time throughout the background screening process. Fake degrees are a growing problem as job candidates seek to set themselves apart in a competitive labour market. They say people would use these to get nursing jobs in other states without proper training. “We would go to Palm Beach every month for an entire week to do school and the rest of time was online,” David said.
In fact, the nurses case, though it was exposed after Eaton’s book went to press, aptly illustrates the book’s point about for-profit schools and a fragmented licensing and accreditation system providing fertile ground for diploma mills in the U.S. Southeastern was small potatoes compared to some of today’s internet-enabled operations. The largest and most notorious diploma mill Ezell has studied is Axact, a 25-year-old Pakistan-based operation that sells transcripts and fake degrees, running from high school diplomas to PhDs. Despite a 2015 New York Times investigation of Axact, followed by criminal convictions in the U.S. and Pakistan, Axact is still up and running. In its 2016 prosecution of an Axact executive operating in the U.S., the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York said Axact had collected $140 million through U.S. based bank accounts from tens of thousands of customers.
But Kennedy says she is not surprised that a scandal like this occurred in the health care industry because some states have cut their regulatory requirements. The investigation, known as Operation Nightingale, found that the national scheme began in 2016 and ended in 2021, accumulating more than $100 million. If you encounter a school that offers you an “instant degree” or anything similar, you’re looking at a scam.
According to charging documents, Sacred Heart International Institute was a Broward County School licensed by the Florida Board of Nursing that offered a nursing program designed to prepare students for employment as practical nurses. MIAMI – More than two dozen individuals have been charged in the Southern District of Florida for their alleged participation in a wire fraud scheme that created an illegal licensing and employment shortcut for aspiring nurses. The alleged scheme was designed to provide several thousand people over many years with a shortcut to becoming licensed nurses.
We have been offering the very best in Replacement & Novelty Fake Diplomas, Transcripts, Degrees and Certificates since 2001. We pride ourselves in top notch customer service and raising the bar on the highest quality documents available. Ask us about seeing a sample first or inquire about custom work if you have one you want us to make. Among those with bogus degrees in the GAO review were three workers with emergency operations roles and security clearances at the National Nuclear Security Administration, part of the Department of Energy. Genuine degrees are embossed and have a gold seal and if you bring the certificate against a bright light, there should be a hologram watermark visible.
Officials are trying to track down nurses with fake degrees from Fla. scheme More than 2,100 people may be fraudulently working as nurses across the U.S. after allegedly buying fake degrees in a Florida-based scheme. The easiest way on how to spot a fake degree guide is through fake university websites that usually provide contact information, including a postal address. Any doubts about the legitimacy of a university site can be rectified instantly by putting the postcode into StreetView. Some fake universities are in serviced offices, car parks and even on traffic roundabouts. Before you even reach the StreetView stage, inconsistencies or insufficiencies in the address may give the game away.